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Honduras’s Airport Departure Tax Raised by 3%

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As a reflection of inflation rates in both the U.S. and Honduras, it will become more expensive to depart Honduran airports which have raised their departure tax by 3%.

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Airport departure tax will rise 3%

As a reflection of inflation rates in the U.S. and Honduras, will become more expensive from April 1 this year the airport charges in dollars and lempiras. A dollar charges will apply an increase of 3% for the inflation rate registered by the Department of Labor to December 2011 in the United States.

The rates charged in lempiras become more expensive by 5.6%, according to consumer price index for December 2011, published by the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH).

The Superintendent of Concessions and Licenses, Emilio Cabrera, said he began the traditional annual review of fees charged to passengers and airlines in the four country’s international terminal.

He confirmed the aforementioned percentages and said that by Wednesday of next week publish the official figures of how much more expensive these rates.

Preliminarily it was projected that foreign passengers will pay 21.90 lempiras more, that is, 1.13 on the dollar. Currently the rate is 37.80 to 38.93 U.S. dollars and spend.

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