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Lack of Airports Hinders Tourism Growth for Latin America

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has called on Latin America governments and other members in the industry to invest in security and infrastructure to cope with the expansion of air travel in the region, which is expected to increase by 7.2% in 2012.

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Latin America must invest in airports

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) yesterday called on governments and other actors in the industry in Latin America to invest in security and infrastructure to cope with the expansion of air travel in the region, this year will increase by 7.2%.

“There is great potential to develop if we work near the Governments to secure our future,” said IATA Director General, Tony Tyler, in an exhibition in the framework of the International Fair Air and Space Fair (FIDAE), held in Santiago, Chile.

Tyler said that aviation in the region has a future “bright”, but success will depend “to be able to have the right conditions” for the industry.

“Many of they require that both industry and governments work together towards a common vision and purpose, “he said.

On the safety of passengers, last year was “the best ever” worldwide, while Latin America and the Caribbean Region was below average.

“Traffic Latin America accounts for 6% of world traffic, but accounted for 27% of the total loss of aircraft hulls,” said the head of IATA.

“If this does not improve, That means that with a like accident rate in six years the airlines here will experience a major accident every eight weeks, “said Tyler.
Another problem facing the aviation industry in the region is the lack of airport infrastructure and management air traffic.

“Infrastructure is clearly deficient in many countries but do not perceive a level of urgency among governments to solve the problem through integrated solutions,” said Tyler.

The CEO of IATA said that the recent privatization of airports in Brazil seek making investments in infrastructure indispensable to the 2014 World Cup and Olympic Games 2016.

Despite this, he was concerned about the high prices paid by new investors to the concessions.

“The investments must be recovered through increased efficiency allow traffic growth, not through higher charges to airlines, “he said.

also urged to cut rates for passengers and tourism in the region and criticized the allocation of tax collection.

“The region collects to least four billion for airlines and their customers. There is little transparency in the allocation of these funds, but our best estimate is that less than one third falls on the industry, “said Tyler.
The executive predicted that passenger traffic in Latin America will increase by 7.2% this year and that the benefits of the airlines in the region will reach one hundred million dollars.

IATA brings together 240 airlines from 130 countries, representing 94% of international air traffic.

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