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Mexico Ranks Tenth in World Tourism

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Mexico continues to hold the tenth spot in world tourism for the second consecutive year, according to the World Tourism Organization.

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Mexico Ranks Tenth in World Tourism

Mexico is currently the site of the World Tourism Ranking 2010: the tenth, until final data are published in 2011, said Carlos Vogeler, regional director for the Americas of the World Tourism Organization.

Vogeler said from Havana, Cuba, which “is not correct to say that Mexico lost the tenth in the list when there are no definitive data”, as there are still many countries that have yet to report conclusive figures. “Until the availability of final data from several countries that remain, will not close the ranking for 2011″ established

Although not known with certainty, considered the final classification would be ready in a month, taking into account that the Bank of Mexico has yet to report back the data, as it has done only preliminary, and is not the only country in that situation. ”

Therefore, we believe that we may need another month to receive all missing information and then to have data to provide a ranking, “he said. He said that between preliminary and final could be an important difference and this would affect the countries’ positions within the classification. He recalled that the World Tourism Ranking measures for all countries in the art without exception, although statistics are made ​​for many years, was in the 90′s when it passed a single methodology for all, during the Conference Ottawa, Canada.

In turn, the Ministry of Tourism reported that so far the international body has not issued a final report that puts Mexico off the first 10 countries that receive foreign walkers. Also said that the WTO does not yet figures for countries like France, UK, Denmark, South Africa, Belgium, Ireland, Bulgaria, Argentina, Brazil, Norway and Jordan, among others.

Mentioned that in 2011 Mexico registered a record number of national and international visitors, under almost 190 million walkers toured the national attractions. This record-breaking number over 2008, the year regarded as the most important in the history of the industry, said the agency in a statement.

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