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Guatemala Ponders Its Tourism Future

Article Summary:

Now that the Maya doomsday date came and went on December 21, what’s next in the Guatemala tourism sector?

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Original Article Text From el Periodico via Google Translate :

“After Bak’tun Must be Something Else.”

The official spoke with elPeriódico about what the country should do in the new era to increase the number of tourists.

What is the perception that the world tour is in Guatemala?
- Guatemala is an ongoing success story. It is definitely a country that does the right to be specified as an excellent tourist destination. Tourists go to a place where people are willing to receive them and that is the message that the country must project. There are others that are competing.

What other countries do not compete?
- Guatemala has everything you need to succeed in the world the right place, at the right time to move, as people seek new destinations, and should project the image that should be as positive as the country wants to be .

How do you perceive Guatemala preparing for the celebration of 13 Bak’tun? Many said it was not ready and that was improvised.
- I see no lack of preparation, I do not feel and do not think the world thinks that. It is understandable that people want more, that’s legitimate. Recall that the story does not begin or end with 13 Bak’tun, is just the beginning for something bigger in the future.

What should be done in the future?
- Need to be promoted in a balanced manner. If you do not have a lot of promotion and products, people will be disappointed, if they develop too much and do not promote it, then wasted investment. They must balance the promotion for the amount of services offered to tourists, because people know more to Guatemala from this, and be prepared for when more demand. They must have a long-term strategic perspective and not just limit their assessment and analysis to this great event because it is an end and a beginning, a new era.

What is the challenge for Guatemala?
- The challenge is to keep the legacy alive. What began today, this week, should maintain their momentum and continue to grow. We have seen examples of other countries where it was too much power in the event and the next day there was an anticlimax. What you should say is that after Bak’tun has something for next year, and that with each step taken more investment and promotion, that must be done, otherwise there will be a stalemate.

You will be issued an open letter to the President of Guatemala acknowledging their support for tourism, what will expect to receive back the country?
- This is a two way street. We will ask the head of state of this country to commit more support for tourism and at the same time we are committed to support Guatemala. Our support is coordinated with work agreements with directors of Inguat. We help each other on issues of statistics in the strategy of the Tourism Policy in 2022 and offer technical assistance.

We are ready to give political support and that is why we are here. We are not by accident, we believe this is the right place where we should be in such an important time to send a message that an international organization feels the same commitment to support Guatemala.

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