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What Mexico Can Teach Latin America About Tourism

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While many Latin American countries struggle to grow their tourism numbers, Mexico has overcome the most common barriers to tourism growth and set high visitor entrance numbers in 2012.

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The paperwork threatens global tourism

The visa red tape, high taxes and lack of connectivity are the main barriers to the growth of world tourism, said Taleb Rifai, secretary general of the World Tourism Organization (OMT).

When making an assessment of the decisions taken at the 94th Meeting of the UNWTO Executive Council, the international leader noted that there are other challenges facing the global tourism as economic crises, terrorism crises, and natural crises, besides the lack of connectivity, and that should be attacked for this activity to continue upline.

In the case of Mexico, recommended that the next administration will give continuity to the work that has been making the Ministry of Tourism, specifically the National Agreement on Tourism, considering that it has delivered good results in the increase of tourists and foreign exchange.

“From what it is to give continuity to what is being done, the continuity is critical, important, the agreement signed should be observed and followed 100%. We have had indications that it will be, that the transition process in the tourism sector has been smooth and remarkable for the lack of friction.

“Rifai declined to elaborate on the election process of the WTO to be held next year simply thanked the public pronouncement made ​​Secretary of Tourism, Gloria Guevara Manzo, to support his re-election, said a decision will be taken by the Executive Council next year.

Denied that during the meeting, attended by 50 representatives from different countries, touched the issue of security in Mexico, to which he replied that insecurity is a global problem that is experienced in all countries.

During a press conference, Secretary Gloria Guevara reiterated that one of the main issues touched on this meeting was the need to facilitate visas worldwide and recalled that during the meeting of the G-20 took place in Merida was estimated that travel facilitation would increase the number of tourists would generate about 5.1 million jobs economies in the G-20.

“It’s very important to understand the impact of tourism on the growth of economies that have provided more travelers in the world,” he host the UNWTO Executive Council.

Later in interview, Guevara Manzo said that the problem of the policemen involved in drug trafficking were detected in Quintana Roo is an issue that is entirely up to the state authorities. Pointed that whether operated by Fonatur Cancun, an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, the this participation is to work to attract more tourists.

Moreover, the federal official reiterated the possibility that Mexico continue setting new marks in tourism, as happened last year with the mobilization of 191 million tourists (domestic and international) therefore estimated that this year may be imposed a new record with 202 million visitors and beat that number next year.

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